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Drummond 5-inch Double-height Bed Photo Essay Having made, in , their first one-off lathe, by the Drummond Brothers, Arthur and Frank, were operating an engineering company from the outbuilding of a farmhouse, then some two-and-half miles from the centre of Guildford. Using just a couple of lathes, a small planing machine and a drill – all powered from an oil engine – the workshop began by turning out two types of machine: From these humble beginnings the company grew to become one of the largest employers in the area and, maintaining their independence until after the Second World War, became one of the best-known English machine-tool companies. However, although Drummond always had a strong presence in the industrial market and expanded to supply many complex and ordinary machine tools for the motor and other trades including a now-rare small radial-arm drill , they were to become better known amongst the general public for their smaller machines starting, in with a flat-bed 3. Although the early flat-bed lathes are often referred to as the “B Type” strictly speaking that designation did not apply until the appearance of a much-modified lathe in – and after the introduction of Round Bed in , a lathe Drummond branded the “A Type”. In sacrificing some rigidity in favour of stylistic adornment the lathe followed late 19th century practice note the shape of the bed and the graceful sweep of the headstock casting but the design was sound and the features introduced during the first few years of production – a compound slide rest, adjustable headstock bearings, dog clutch on the leadscrew, backgear, set-over tailstock and swing headstock – were guaranteed to appeal to the market. A wide range of accessories milling slides, grinding attachments, wood-turning rests, overhead-drive system, etc. The spindle was driven by a round leather “rope” sometimes called a “gut-drive” that passed over the chip tray in the two highest speeds, but though slots in its edge on the lowest, to a treadle-operated flywheel mounted on the left-hand leg of the cast-iron stand.

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Posted on December 5, by LWK A great sign of just how much Nottingham Hackspace has grown over the last 12 months is that it took less than a week to go from one random suggestion of getting a metal lathe. A metal lathe is a tool that should be on every Hackspace tool list and it has been on ours since the start. But the initial cost plus accessories and tooling left in way into our future plans. David recently had a few recommendations for the Myford ML7 lathe and has talked to a few people about possible getting one.

Recommend a Myford lathe to anybody from first time user too a lifetime machinist, the second hand l athes are extremely good value for money, and with all of the knowledge around on these lathes and all of the accessories and the regrinding service available from Myford, you can have a top quality, versatile machine, for the same price as you would get a poor quality machine from China/5(7).

Download File With the filing rest delivery I had inquired about some touch-up paint for the lathe base, which I had put some chips in while fumbling with wrenches and chuck keys. They kindly sent me a small vial of matching paint, free of charge. Since inquiring about the paint I had become less concerned with such details, which are the inevitable result of using something at least for klutzes like myself. I should have transferred the paint to a more air tight vial, it has subsequently dried up For turning longer lengths of material a means of support is required.

Two options, which depend on the project at hand, are the fixed steady rest and the traveling steady rest. The fixed version RG39 attaches to the lathe bed and has three adjustable brass fingers for holding round stock. The traveling steady rest RG40 attaches to the cross slide carriage and has two fingers which support the work and resist the pressure from the cutting tool, and being attached to the carriage, it ‘travels’ with the cutting tool.

The tailstock drill pad RG38A has a collet type shank for mounting in the tailstock quill and has a milled vee for supporting round stock for cross drilling, etc. Of course it can be used for general drilling jobs and the tailstock lever is used to advance the work. Shown is the rear tool post for cut-off tools RG It is mounted in one of the cross slide T-slots and the cut-off tool is mounted upside down since the cutting action is in the opposite direction.

The die holders RG46 and RG47 are bored to fit onto the tailstock quill and have a removable tommy bar. These small dies require a very delicate application.

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Post by joegib on Dec 8, 7: For a start, can you provide some photographs of your lathe, particularly one showing it from the headstock end? That’ll show us what’s there and what’s not. What are the lathe’s main dimensions i. That’ll give us a pointer to what gear size standard diametral pitch DP or module was used in the lathe’s original gearing.

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The foundation of this success – and his Company’s rise to pre-eminence amongst the then many competing makers of small lathes – was a range of just four machines: Each version was of identical general arrangement, lightly built, using a “cantilever” bed of box-form section with flat-topped, 60 deg. With a standard-fit 6: However, despite their limitations of size and strength, the machines proved immensely popular and the Myford Company, based on their reputation of offering value-for-money accuracy and a wide range of accessories, went from strength to strength to emerge as the pre-eminent maker of small lathes in the UK.

Because of their very similar appearance and the confusing foundry marks – A1, A2, B1, B2 etc. However, this single lathe was to develop first into the ML. The ML1 and ML2 could swing 8. Both ranges were built from the early s until, in , instructions were received from the war-time Government’s Machine Tool Control Rationalisation Board to stop production and take over from Drummond busy with the important Maximatic production lathes manufacture of the Armed Services’ standard small lathe, the M-Type.

The official directions relating to Myford’s own lathes were undoubtedly cancelled for, although sales literature printed during and distributed during and had stamps over the ML. This type withdrawn for duration of war, later brochures listing the ML2 and ML4 continued to be produced. A catalogue for the latter types appeared in November and another with 7, printed in March The publication contained an official Machine Tool Control Price List and repeated the news that, for the duration, of the war the basic ML.

According to a letter written by the Sales Department in September , it was intended that production of the ML.

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I see the problem It is “shop withdrawal symptoms”. I have had the same problem.

Steam Power I have a life-long interest in steam power, steam engines, turbines, boilers, and the accessories. Whether it is for Railroad applications, Seagoing vessels, or Stationary power facilities, it .

The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM if you wish to see the machines and other displays in person. Click photo for larger image. Upon leaving the radio control industry in the ‘s he began as an importer for small lathes from Australia that were to be sold by Sears under the Craftsman name. He also marketed the tools himself under the Sherline name and eventually began producing them in the United States in , having purchased the rights to do so.

Expanding the tool and accessory line over the years has given him an appreciation for what these early manufacturers had to deal with in the design, production and marketing of small tools. A few years ago Joe began purchasing small tools as he found them available at shows or auctions. Several have since been donated by other patrons who appreciate small tools and want share them with others.

This is just the basis of a good tool collection.

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I wonder what brand of lathe he spends HIS money on. Not everyone needs a Monarch nor has the money for a high end lathe. As a tool and diemaker, I spent the last five years of my career in a shop that had two Enco lathes, a 14″ and a 20″ , and an Enco mill Bridgeport sized that were used daily in heavy service, with no breakdowns and producing close tolerance work With DRO. Oh yea, my personal lathes If you must know a Myford super 7B quick change gear box model is my house lathe.

I bought it on the factory stand, with 2 chucks, centers, steady rests, 5 gallon pale of tool bits and another pail of morse taper drills for bucks bout 3 years ago.

“Taig Tools – Desktop Milling Machines and Lathes.” See more. Metal Mill, Metal Shop, Horizontal Milling Machine, Cool Tools, Diy Tools, Machinist Tools, Lathe Tools, Metal Working, Miniatures. Rob Hiller. model steam engines. Myford Milling Machines. gary arthur ayres.

In , the Porter-Cable line was sold to Pentair Inc. On April 12, , the remaining machinery and tool operations were also sold to Pentair, which renamed it Delta International Machinery Corp. If you are looking for parts, service, or manuals for your Rockwell woodworking machine, look also in the entry for Delta Manufacturing Co.

Handheld power tools are outside the scope of this web site. Please do not upload pictures of handhelds! Information Sources A issue of Popular Mechanics gives an address for the company: Thanks to Keith Bohn for contributing information to this history. Joe Potter provided information from his notes, including the exact date for the sale of the woodworking machinery line to Pentair.

“lathe” – Second Hand Model Making and Engineering, Buy and Sell in the UK and Ireland

Drummond Hand-operated Shaper Having made, in , their first one-off lathe, by the Drummond Brothers, Arthur and Frank, were operating an engineering company from the outbuilding of a farmhouse some two-and-half miles from the centre of Guildford. Using just a couple of lathes, a small planing machine and a drill – all powered from an oil engine – the workshop began by turning out two types of machine: From these humble beginnings the company grew to become one of the largest employers in the area and, maintaining their independence until after the Second World War, became one of the best-known English machine-tool companies.

Cheapest of the early Myford lathes was the 31/8″ x 15″ ML1 with bed and headstock cast as art-worked picture, though used in a catalogue, shows the lathe as sold from early with single-bolt retained top-slide, cast-in headstock-end leadscrew bearing and the very early tailstock side plate without adjuster screws. Note the headstock front face – there is no provision to.

The foundation of this success – and the rise of Myford to pre-eminence amongst the then many competing makers of small lathes – was a range of just four machines: Neat, compact and of appealing appearance all were designed and priced to appeal to the amateur market. However, despite their success, not even the most enthusiastic of owners could boast of them as state-of-the-art products and, by the close of the decade, the new-for American Atlas 6-inch with its all-V-belt drive countershaft, roller-bearing headstock, fully-guarded changewheels and a host of user-friendly details was setting the benchmark for hobby-lathe design.

Undoubtedly drawing some design influence from American Atlas machines including the inch the ML7 designed during and and announced to the press in February The first catalogue was stamped “Provisional” and printed in the same A5 landscape format used for ML2 and ML4 publicity material; the cover was dark-blue with the single word “Myford” picked out in gold and in the company’s traditional script. The pages were typed, reproduced on a Gestetner, and contained just one photograph showing the lathe mounted on its special “octagonal-form” braced sheet-steel cabinet stand.

The first proper, fully illustrated catalogue was issued in October and contained not only a complete technical specification but also cut-away diagrams and a list of the many and varied accessories. From the start of production the ML7 was designed to accept a variety of profitable accessories all listed and illustrated in the first full catalogue dated October and very soon, with such an expandable and properly-engineered English small lathe on offer for the first time, many ex-service men with gratuities burning a hole in their pocket caused a lengthy waiting list to develop.

By the early s, with just the ML7 in production though a popular cylindrical grinder, the first of many, had also been introduced , it was decided that the market could stand the addition of a significantly altered and more highly developed lathe. Thus, in late , the Super 7 was launched with the provisional catalogue dated November of that year – a machine that was able to accept all existing ML7 accessories. Although popular, neither the ML7 or Super 7 was never inexpensive, but have always been excellent investments.

Constructed using top-quality materials and assembled with care and finished to a high standard – even to the extensive use of fully-machined and chemically blackened nuts, bolts and other fasteners – they hold their value well. However, early ML7s and the first Super 7s were not as well finished as the post machines when additional filling, sanding and a better quality paint were all introduced and, in the rush to get jobs “through the door”, often a single coat of paint was sprayed directly onto castings left largely as they had arrived from the fettling shop.

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Anyone wanting to purchase any number of small tools and engineering items. Happy to supply someone looking to stock or set up a small business selling all sorts of tooling, from taps and dies to hand tools to drill chucks, etc, etc Please call me, Howard, on Just arrived, waiting for photos to be published. Call for early viewing. Just arrived, please call on or

I haven’t decided on a color yet but I’d like a green color to match my Myford. One thing I’ve learned about shapers and perhaps it’s just me – there seems to be a lot more art to operating a shaper than there is to operating a lathe.

The Internet Craftsmanship Museum Presents: She has generously asked that her award money be returned to the Joe Martin Foundation to be used to encourage and reward craftsmanship through our awards program. Presenting the award is chief judge, Ivan Law. Cherry has won the award 9 times. Click on photo to view a larger image. Our search started with those we were familiar with in the United States. Having attended model engineering shows in the USA for many years representing his line of Sherline precision miniature machine tools, Joe was acquainted with many world-class model makers and model engineers and their work.

None were seemed dismayed by this, but rather intrigued and amazed.

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The lathe was very important to the Industrial Revolution. It is known as the mother of machine tools, as it was the first machine tool that lead to the invention of other machine tools.

Wanted! Wanted! Antiques and Collectables. Toys, Whisky, Motorcycle, Tool collections bought. Myford Lathes and tools wanted. Anything Interesting.

I have a 36″ x 9′ Schucher and Boye engine lathe I believe it is dated to to converted from a line shaft to an electric motor by the New York Railroad company I assume. I have turned large printing cylinders on this machine and Know it is still accurate. I have pictures but new to this layout and can not post now. This was my Father’s machine and he recently passed and now I am selling it to help my Mom.

Tony Ennis My 12″ craftsman lathe is from or so. Despite having disassembled it completely, I have yet to find a serial number or anything that can help date it, except for the fact that it has helical gears in the headstock. From what I have been told that may date it to the Civil War or even before Ames of Chicopee began producing lathes sometime in the mid ‘s.

This lathe was given to me following the death of its long time owner.

Myford Super-7 Lathe – For Sale

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