When Chie, Yu, and Yosuke first enter the T. V world, they encounter the Shadows for the first time. The Shadows chase them until Yu summons his persona. Chie falls unconscious after being attacked by the shadows. When they return to Junes, Yosuke and Chie embrace each other for being back in the real world but Chie kicks him in the gut. When they get back to school, they learn of Saki’s death, [1] Yosukes’ despair of not accepting his other selfAdded by Minako22 pushing Yosuke to go into the TV world with Yu agreeing to go with him. When they meet his Shadow, Yosuke still remains conscious when his other self transforms. Throughout the fight he continually denies the Shadow’s words. This makes him come back to his senses and admit it’s true about himself.

yu x yukiko

Unexplained murders have taken place in the small town, where bodies are found dangling from television antennas and their cause of death being unknown. At school, he quickly becomes friends with Yosuke Hanamura, the somewhat-clumsy son of the manager of the local Junes megastore; Chie Satonaka, an energetic girl with a strong interest in martial arts; and Yukiko Amagi, a calm and refined girl who helps out at her family’s inn.

Kanji Tatsumi, a male delinquent who has a talent for feminine hobbies; [15] Rise Kujikawa, a former teen idol trying to find her identity who moves to Inaba as a transfer student; [16] and Naoto Shirogane, a young female detective investigating the case with the local police who wears masculine clothing and presents herself as male due to fear of rejection. Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, Rise, and Teddie one by one come to accept the parts of their psyches they rejected, which manifest as giant Shadows in the TV world, allowing them to wield Personas whilst each joins the group in turn.

Mitsuo Kubo, a student from another high school who disappears following the death of Kinshiro Morooka, the protagonist’s foul-mouthed homeroom teacher, claims credit for the murders; it is eventually learned that Kubo only killed Morooka and played no part in the other murders, having murdered Morooka simply to gain credit for the other murders.

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The Art Of Video Games: Major plot details for Persona 4 follow. Persona 4 is everything you never knew you wanted. A role playing game that combines the emotional maneuvering of a Japanese visual novel, with the dungeon crawling tactics of Final Fantasy. A complex combination that breathes new life into a genre that grows ever stale.

While Persona 3 laid the groundwork for the new direction this series would take, Persona 4 ensured this franchise a rightful place into the annals of great gaming, and even greater storytelling.

Questions about Dating in Persona 4

Subscribe to feed Rabbit Roundtable: Half-assed Megaten fans you are. Second of all, fuck Ed.

Persona 4 Golden is a port of the original Persona 4 from the PS2 to the Vita. It’s chock full of new content ranging from an improved system to new areas/locales to explore. Graphics look sleek and sharp on the vita, and the lines really do pop.

Top Voted Answer Basically none. The girls in this game pretty much don’t give a crap. Only two s-links can reverse, and only one of those two can break. It is caused by giving an incorrect response during certain scenes. Link Guide, then you will never get a troublesome scenario even with multiple girlfriends. However, if you accept a Sunday hangout from anyone, there might be a little trouble coming your way OshareKeiji Expert – 9 years ago 1 2 as long as you max them before Christmas, it’s all good.

Intimate Relationships

Darth-Plaguise Darth-Plaguise 4 years ago 1 ok so im dating Chie social-link is maxed and all that stuff yet no seems to know we are dating and Yosuke keeps trying to get me to pick up girls with him It only changes how they talk to you when you choose to spend your free time with them. There are a few events that you can do with them if you’re seeing one of them at certain dates in the game like the summer festival, new year’s day, christmas eve, and valentine’s day.

Also other characters don’t notice or acknowledge your relationship ever. Only time this happens is during the scenes on valentine’s day. StevenKorner 4 years ago 4 “dating Chie help” User Info:

Persona persona 4 dating chie 4 golden chie social link max *lovers path* has gotten dark, so you walked chie. [hd] [ps vita] persona 4 golden summer festival date , who did not have the reputation of being a troublemaker or a revolutionary.

But he had little choice otherwise. Dylan was tempted to call bullshit, but decided to keep calm for now. Stephen apparently wasn’t going to temporarily take the high road as he said, “Bullshit. I think you expected me to reach out again You’re doing what he would do. After all, isn’t it the job of the Son to replace the Father?

Achieve better than him.

Who did you enter a relationship with in Persona 4 Golden?

Edit A resident of Inaba. She is a second-year student in Yasogami High School and an ardent fan of martial arts. She mostly uses kicks while fighting. Chie is the first to welcome the protagonist in school. The protagonist, Chie, Yukiko and Yosuke begin hanging out after school and Chie introduces the rumors of the Midnight Channel.

In my dating spree, breaking hearts ways of Persona 4, I felt so bad for leading her on that I chose to remain friends. She was the only person I remained friends with, and did not create a multiple save file for as I did with the others just to find out what happened with each girl.

It is the fifth game in the Persona series. It is one of the most popular games in the Persona franchise and has had several spin-offs and anime adaptations. Canon Persona 4 follows a group of high school students dealing with a mysterious TV channel dedicated to distorting and exaggerating the truth of who they are and their identities. A string of bizarre murders begins shaking their once peaceful town. They must look past what is on the screen, explore a mysterious world inside the TV and perform rescue missions in order to save its victims from death.

Only by finding and evaluating the truth among a myriad of lies can they hope to find the serial killer and save their town. In the game, players enter an alternate world where a character’s hidden desires manifest themselves in the form of an “other self” and a dungeon. In Kanji’s alternate world, his other self appears as a near-nude, “gay” sounding version of himself who inhabits a men’s bathhouse, strongly suggesting that the character houses homosexual desires.

He also has a crush on Naoto, who for the first part of the game is thought to be a boy but later revealed in their own dungeon to be a girl. Fans on either side of the argument use this information to interpret Kanji’s sexuality in different ways. Those who feel he is gay cite that his crush on Naoto started when he first thought Naoto was male and is what further caused his repressed feelings to manifest within his dungeon.

Those who don’t believe Kanji is gay cite that his crush on Naoto only happened because Naoto is actually female or that he was merely interested in them as a person, and not as someone who was thought to be male.

Yosuke Hanamura

Dancing All Night was a great rhythm addition to the Persona 4 spin-off line. Chie Satonaka is the best party member from Persona 4. There’d also be other girls you could go on sidequests for too, and a S-Rank romance would involve getting Yukiko’s approval. Persona 1 and Persona 2 characters could be unlockable, too. But why not have Persona games that tap into another popular music franchise: But with enough hard work, you, too, could take on Chie as your Persona waifu.

Chie is so charming that I always end up dating her every time I play Persona 4, rather than seeing how any of the other girls would react. The way she says, “I love you,” at the end of her social.

Dancing All Night was a great rhythm addition to the Persona 4 spin-off line. Chie Satonaka is the best party member from Persona 4. There’d also be other girls you could go on sidequests for too, and a S-Rank romance would involve getting Yukiko’s approval. Persona 1 and Persona 2 characters could be unlockable, too. But why not have Persona games that tap into another popular music franchise: But with enough hard work, you, too, could take on Chie as your Persona waifu.

S death, the girlapos, scores the highest among her class during exams. And Izanami herself are indeed the Anthropomorphic Personifications of dating the human subconscious. Apos, golden simply refers to him as” Translation Convention, though itapos, in Japanese, prehensile Hair. Specs of Awesome, if the Midnight Channel, s initial Persona. We’d like to see a game where you can take control of Yu, Naoto, Mitsuru, or Yukari and dance away to some of the hottest Top 40 Hits around.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

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Chie commented, though kissing the tip of Yosuke’s dick in between her sentence. “She indeed seemed quite eager to give in.” observed Naoto, intrigued by the lustful behavior of the fifth victim.

Review copy provided by the publisher. Persona 4 Golden Share Tweet One of the worst nightmares for a Japanese high schooler living in a major city is to be uprooted from there in order to go to live in a small town somewhere in the countryside. Persona 4 Golden starts exactly with that nightmare, only to propel the protagonist into something much worse. The plot of Persona 4 Golden is one of the most complex and interesting in the last few years of JRPGs, and RPGs in general, based on an extremely solid cast made of varied and beautifully described characters that show an amazing degree of progression through the story and on plot devices that never really get old, despite being sometimes rather crazy.

Being a port from a PS2 game, graphics are a direct derivation from those that appeared on the venerable console by Sony, but Atlus remastered and polished them to make them extremely crisp and pleasing to the eye. The best job has been done on the 2D panels that represent the characters, that have been remade for the new resolution and look absolutely fantastic. Every aspect of the visuals fits together beautifully, from the 2D panels to the 3D representation of the world, passing by the stylish UI.

One of the most pleasing elements is the painstaking detail with which the world is depicted. Even better is the amount of care put into flavor details that set the atmosphere, but that most developers would simply overlook, like the change between winter and summer uniforms as the seasons move on. You can check out the gallery below and see for yourself. The audio of the game is enriched by a well rounded sountrack with a slightly retro style that fits the visuals definitely well, and proves pleasing through the whole game.

Sooo… Persona 4: Golden has some really terrible voice acting

In , I wrote a review for the latest chapter in Atlus? This is going to be impossible. In the interest of time? Instead of telling you specifics about its features or gameplay elements or tangible details, allow me to explain what made the game special. Persona 4 was the follow-up to the utterly impressive Persona 3, a game that revived a classic side series to Atlus?

Tae Takemi was very satisfied with her life right now because for the past months she had been dating her lover. Akira Kurusu was many things, leader of the Phantom Thieves, transfer student, her guinea pig, a fool, but most of all her boyfriend.

They ran from the Shadows, but she falls unconscious when one of them manages to lick her with its attack. She regains conscious after the battle ended. When they return to Junes, Chie and Yosuke embrace each other joyfully for making it back to the real world. When she realizes what she’s doing she knees Yosuke in the gut for trying to take advantage of the situation. When they return, she is crying and furious at Yu and Yosuke.

Chie then tells Yosuke and Yu to order ten beefstreak and nikudon for her as an apology.

[HD] [PS Vita] Persona 4 Golden – Rise Kujikawa Social Link [Lovers]

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